With the chaos of the Spring Carnival creeping up on us, it is the time of the year when we map out our outfit for the trackside event and dress to impress.  Regardless of hail, rain or shine, fashion on the field comes alive and what was once subtle is now an occasion to explore bright and bold. This season we are seeing the phrase ‘Go Big, or go home’ never look so relevant.

Push the trend limits this year by adding small details that won’t go unnoticed. Whilst maintaining a sense of glamour, we are seeing boater hats of all sizes take the stage most when paired with a touch of dazzle in a hair clip. For a more sophisticated look, a small brim structured boater hat paired with a crystal or pearl hair clip is the way to go. If you are after a softer look, either go for a larger floppy brim or simply just add a headscarf around your hair-do with a stiff boater hat.

Now let’s talk colour! Although black and white is classy and safe, let’s save that for Derby Day as this year it is all about Bold, bright and beautiful. We are seeing a high amount of monochromatic colour schemes come through this year. This means head to toe in tonal colours. Forget black on black, I’m talking about Pink on Pink, or orange on orange.

In retrospect, the race season that once use to be a male dominated event, is now a day of fashion, fun and sparkling wine. Ladies, it is time to be bold and make the most of the photo opportunities.