About us

About us

About our range

Our product offerings fall into the following ranges:

Morgan & Taylor Casual Headwear

With everything from your day-to-day winter beanie, to the pool and beach approved broad brim hat our casual headwear offers something for every season, occasion and the everyday.

Morgan & Taylor Race Wear

Elegant styles, classic and contemporary, for both conservative and outgoing racegoers. This range consists of fascinators in all forms as well as an array of stylish hats.

Morgan & Taylor Bags

From timeless evening bags to unique race ready styles, our range of beautifully crafted bags has something for everyone.

Morgan & Taylor Casual Accessories

This carefully curated range allows our customer to invest in the most versatile and functional range of accessories. It is inclusive of both classic and contemporary designs.

Morgan & Taylor Mini:

Our Mini range offers quality product for the little ones. Durable and timeless, this range is sure to serve them through their everyday needs and for special occasions.

About our philosophy

At Morgan and Taylor we know it is vital that we look to reduce the environmental and social impacts of our industry. We are always striving for better, which is why we have reflected on all facets of our operation and have made changes.

We are looking to make tangible impact through the changes we implement and understand it is an ongoing process.

Production stages


We are committed to prioritising ethical and sustainable work and supply chain practices. This includes the assessment of our prospective suppliers’ workplace practices, not only the quality of their product. We believe every single person is deserving of a safe and fair working environment and strive to ensure this for all of our employees as well as those of our suppliers. To do this, we regularly liaise with our partners to ensure these measures and standards are being honoured.


The impacts of material production and manufacturing that the fashion industry is responsible for cannot be ignored. We make it our business to understand how our product is produced, the impacts of production and where the raw materials are originally sourced. This traceability enables us to make informed and appropriate sourcing decisions.


Environmental and Packaging

It goes far beyond the product itself; reducing our impact in every phase of our operation is all part of our plan in reducing environmental impact.

All of our orders are mindfully packaged in a manner appropriate for the specific product. These choices are made to ensure the product reaches our customer safely. In these methods we have actively avoided the inclusion of any plastic packaging materials. Everything from the sticky tape we use to the boxes themselves are responsibly sourced and environmentally friendly.

Our offices and Our distribution

Based in Melbourne, our offices and spaces endeavour to consistently employ energy conscious behaviours. In addition, we embrace recycling practices including the repurposing of fabric and other production waste.

We have streamlined our distribution methods to ensure the product gets to where it needs to be as efficiently as possible. This results in minimal excess emission produced during our distribution phase. To do this our distribution for all sales platforms has been combined to ensure the reduction of any environmental impact. This streamlining also allows for timely and uniform adjustments to other factors such as updates to environmentally conscious packaging methods.

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