Our measurements and size guide can help you find the perfect style and fit.

Measuring for hats
Measure the circumference of your head to help you find the perfect fitting hat.
Place a tape measure around your head circumference, horizontally positioned starting at the forehead.

Women's Hat sizing
All of our hat sizes are made to a 57 cm-sized head, the average size for women. 

Adjustable straps
Some of our hats feature an adjustable strap sewn into the inner band, making it easy to adjust for a secure and comfortable fit.
The adjustable strap is always mentioned in the product description.

Material fit & feel
Many our products are made with natural materials and fibres, so one style can feel different when worn. For example, a fedora made from 100% wool can feel stiffer than a cotton bucket hat, even if they are the same size.
As with all materials, the fit and feel will adjust with time and wear.

Measuring for gloves
Measuring for glove sizing is done by finding the circumference and length of your hands.
Circumference: Measure around the base (knuckles) of your four fingers (not including the thumb).
Length: From the tip of your middle finger, down onto your wrist.

Glove sizing
As gloves are a detailed design, there can be slight variations during the manufacturing process.
Length (wrist to middle finger tip) = 22.5cm
Circumference (around knuckles on palm) = 17.5 cm

Product care
For appropriate product care instructions, please click here.

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